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Research, development and, above all, the practical application of results are a key part of our company’s philosophy. We have always known that we do not want to be just an ordinary manufacturing company. We have been looking for new opportunities and giving life to new solutions.

That is why we were among the first in the Czech Republic to establish a technology centre in 2008. There, we have long been involved in regular changes to products, product lines, manufacturing processes, technologies and other services and processes. The aim of any such project is to ensure that the proposed changes make a real improvement to existing products and processes and can be used in actual production with a high probability.

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Ohýbačka inovace MSV Systems
Establishment of the Technology Center

We have one of the oldest technology centres in the Czech Republic


We have acquired patents on the basis of our research activities


Top engineers are helping us with the development


Have joined our project teams

"If I was down to my last penny, I would spend it on development without second thought."


Miroslav Krejčík
CEO and founder, MSV Systems

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New Opportunities

More than 30 patents have been developed in our technology centre during its existence. Our successful solutions include, for example, electric crimping and the development of thermoforming.

The doors to our technology centre are also open to students. They have the opportunity to collaborate with top experts on real projects and can also present and test their own ideas, many of which are successfully put into practice.

Partnership with Schools

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Our Innovative Projects

MSV Innovation - vertikalni vetrna elektrarna

Vertical-axis wind turbines

Currently, the engineering team of the development centre is engaged in the development of vertical-axis wind turbines based on the maglev generator principle with an output of up to 3kW. 

MSV Innovation - geopolymery


In cooperation with UniCre, our development centre has developed a geopolymer material for use in the energy, foundry and thermal engineering sectors. This material has the advantage of high heat resistance and variable heat capacity and conductivity. 

MSV Innovation - uniplasma

Plasma surface treatment

One of our successful innovative projects is the UNIPLASMA technology line, which is based on the use of low-temperature plasma discharge technology. The line can modify surfaces of various materials to increase adhesion and wettability and can be used not only in industrial fields, but also in health care and agriculture. Materials with specific properties that cannot be modified by other commonly used methods can also be processed.

MSV Innovation Centre

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