Innovative 3D printed Moulds

Here at MSV Systems, we have found room for innovation even in a product such as moulds for tube forming. Since 2017, we have been supplying clients with moulds for thermoforming and bending using modern 3D metal printing technologies.

Our 3D printed moulds are very precise, and unlike handmade moulds, we can supply an unlimited number of identical moulds. This makes it possible to fully automate production.

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Many Benefits, No Restrictions

3D printing doesn’t have any restrictions; it is possible to customize the diameter and thickness of the mould wall. We can combine moulds using flanges from smaller segments; the final mould has no limitation in terms of length. Flanges also allow straight sections to be rotated, shortened or lengthened without cutting. We always adapt the mould design and position on the frame to the technology and standards required by the customer.

Mould production accuracy with +/- 0.1mm tolerance
Mold accuracy after assembly +/- 1mm
Excellent thermal conductivity (rapid heat accumulation and dissipation)
Excellent mechanical resistance of the mould including corrosion resistance
Cheap mould repairs and design modifications
Automation options available
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Benefits of 3D Printing Solution

After more than 5 years of practical experience, we recommend our clients to use 3D printed moulds for thermoforming and bending of plastic tubes and rubber hoses for their needs. 
Compared to conventional (manual) mould making, 3D printing makes the following possible:

  • Achieve perfect shape and 1:1 match with prototype or 3D model
  • Reverse engineering: using a 3D scanner, we can make a high precision copy of the original part or the entire mould
  • Each mould has its own 3D model; the customer can see the mould design before production
  • 3D mould model facilitates unrestricted implementation of change or modification requests 
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3D printed moulds in practical use

3D tisk forma MSV Systems

Mould for battery cooling system tube

pharma, medical
Forma 3D tisk MSV Systems

Tube forming mould – pulmonary ventilator

Forma 3D tisk MSV Systems

Mould for forming heat exchanger tube

Forma 3D tisk MSV Systems

Tube forming mold – battery cooling circuit

How does the cooperation work?

Data creation

According to the client’s requirements, we will design a 3D model of the mould and prepare all documents necessary for production. We will prepare a quotation, present the 3D model to the customer and, based on consultations, complete the final design. 


At MSV, we have 2 high-end 3D printers for metal printing with a capacity of 300 moulds per month. Production takes place at our modern facilities; we use a composite material for mould printing – grade 316 stainless steel + bronze infiltration. The production process includes sintering/curing of the mould at temperatures up to 1300 °C. We have vibration equipment and a sandblasting line for mould cleaning. The insides of our moulds are hand polished to prevent damage to the final product in the mould.


Assembly of the mould and other processes such as welding or screwing the mould into the frame are carried out at our plant in Liberec. The processes always involve scanning of the mould with a 3D gauge and fine-tuning. We prepare and supply a measurement report with each mould.

Delivery and maintenance

The delivery always includes all logistics related to transport to the customer. Depending on the needs of our clients, we test and fine-tune the moulds directly on site. Modifications and repairs of moulds can be carried out at the customer’s premises or at our plant.

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Do you have a question or request for quote? Feel free to contact our experts. You will find the company's headquarters in Liberec in the Czech Republic. We realize projects all over the world; we speak Czech, English and German.

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