Case study

New moulded bread line for Eastern Europe

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Our customer commissioned us to build a fully automated line for the production of moulded bread in 3 different moulds, with different volumes and number of pieces.

Line copacity: up to 1400 loaves/hour

3 types of moulds

Mould No. 1:

bread weight 0.4 kg
number of loaves per mould 5 pcs
245 moulds/hour

Mould No. 2:

bread weight 0.5 kg
number of loaves per mould 4 pcs
250 moulds/hour

Mould No. 3:

bread weight 0.4 kg
number of loaves per mould 5 pcs
225 moulds/hour

Analysis + solution design

Based on the input, we developed an analysis and design solution for optimum line size and maximum efficiency. The calculations revealed where the weak points were and where optimization could be made. Thanks to this procedure, we were able to design a system for automated removal of bread from the moulds by removing bread from only one mould, not from multiple moulds simultaneously. When bread was removed from several moulds at the same time, there was an increased risk of incorrect gripping and subsequent line shutdown.

The analysis in conjunction with our experience also showed that moulds were sometimes poorly cleaned and needed to be replaced during the process. For this reason, we have incorporated a system for checking the cleanliness and replacing the moulds with clean ones.

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The result of our cooperation with the customer is the application of long-term experience in the automation of bakery production with the use of new features to increase the efficiency of the production process. The line is designed with sufficient allowance for future production growth. Moreover, the line is built in such a way that in the event of a change in production, only partial modifications are needed and the line will be ready for its main purpose, i.e. bread production, in a very short time.

Benefits of cooperation

Fully automated production
Tailor-made solutions
Increased production capacity
Long-term support during line operation
Improved production hygiene
Possible future modification of the line

Expansion of production capacity for Avokádo

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